Drone Flying: Be Responsible

I hold a Private Pilots/Glider licence and strongly believe in Transport Canada. Please fly safely at all times. Rules and regulations are their for everyone’s safety.

FYI, A Phantom Drone weighs in at 1280g (1.28KG) This puts our flying, 75m from people, buildings and vehicles. Learn to fly your drone in accordance with Transport Canada. These rules have come about because of irresponsible drone operators. You only have yourselves to blame for this so follow the rules and be safe.

The next step will be a certification to operate your drone.

Maybe we should have potential drone operators take and pass a Transport Canada Certification which they have to present to a retailer before they can purchase their drone.


I recommend that retailers inform Transport Canada when a drone is purchased, and a test of the flight rules be conducted and passed before the operator can fly.

Don’t endanger pilots. Stay away from Aerodromes. 5.5km in my opinion is still too close. Don’t fly higher than 90m. AND keep your drone insight, use a second person to help spot for you when possible.

Fly Safe.

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